whos Penelope and Odysseus's...?

my gf says she hope our love turns out like Penelope and Odysseus's....wat does dat mean??

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    Well, she might say that because it's a story of loyalty and connubial fidelity. Penelope waits for her husbands, Odysseus' return after 20 years and continues to get marriage offers from other men but repeatedly declines in hopes that her husband come for her. And he disguises himself to test her.

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    Odysseus had to wander the seas for 10 years after the Trojan war, all the while trying to make it home to his wife, Penelope.

    Of course, that didn't stop him from sleeping with at least two demi-goddesses and staying on their island for several months.

    Meanwhile, Penelope was at home, trying to keep herself from being raped and her son killed by sacrificing her handmaidens to the lust of her suitors.

    Greek myths are not fluffy-bunny stories.

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    They live happily ever after, despite great tribulation.

    People tend to forget that all that Odysseus really wanted was peace and rest - it just took him a lot of time and trouble to get it. But he had not wanted to leave his wife and son to begin with.

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    well during the trogan war odysseus had to go fight and it took him twenty years to get back and he had to fight a cyclops and get past sirens and a bunch of other crap but he still persisted so he could get back to he beloved

    mean while penelope was like an eligable bachlorete and tons of sutors came to take her and but she turned them all away

    but im not sure does she mean she wants u to sail away for twenty years or does she mean she wants you to love her enough that u will fight a cyclops for her

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    the two characters from the Oddysey

    odysseus is gone for a VERY long time in troy fighting a war because he gets in trouble with the gods. but the whole time she waits for him and she continues to until he returns. they obviously had a very stong love.

    wait he's not fighting the war because of the gods

    he is in a war but the opening scene is just after they won the war and they're about to leave. they don't do something and it angers the gods.

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