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how do u know when your have ectopic pregnancy?

Have anymore took pain medicine on a empty stomach and it feels like your stomach lining is burning off? or if you have diarrhea. everything i feel is only on the sides like if i pulled a muscle stretching. I had a sonogram and the baby didn't show but i;m going for another one this week i don't know what to do or believe right now i have been trying for 2 years .... just advice or your thoughts on it

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    Was difficult to understand your question, but yes, it sounds like it could be ectopic. Call your doctor and let them know about the pain right away.

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    1 decade ago

    well what ever it is dont give up. pray on it. and if you have to start over then thats what you have to do. at least you know you can have kids. good luck to you and God bless. i was trying for 3 years before i got pregnant. when god whats it for you he will make it happen.

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