1st Trimester and I CANT SLEEP... HELP!?

I'm two and a half months pregnant. I'm sleepy all the time, last night I went to bed at 8pm, I tossed and turned all night. Was up every hour, and am sitting at work today unable to function. I can't take off work, and I can't function so I'm stuck. Any other Mom's have advice? Please help!

This is my second child. I don't EVER remember being THIS exhausted in the 1st trimester.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks ladies. It's mainly being uncomfortable. My lower back hurts (as it did with my 1st, my daughter who is now 2 1/2), so I am constantly flipping from side to side, and waking up with pain, and then to pee... It's nuts!

Congrats on the baby. My daughter was due Dec 22, 06, and came on the 11th :)

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    The first trimester I think was the most uncomfortable for me when I was pregnant with Peyton. I couldn't believe how tired I was for the first three months. It could be the hormone changes in your body that's making you feel so tired all of the time, but it's common for many pregnant women to feel very exhausted in the 1st trimester. Every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant with Melody, my first, I felt tired but not overly exhausted. However she was notorious for what seemed to be like she was bouncing on my bladder and I had to pee every five minutes or so. Fortunatlely I never really felt the normal morning sickness for the first three months. Peyton on the other hand was VERY different from her sister. I was sick throughout the pregnancy, always very tired, but she too made me pee a lot.

    Pregnancy can really take a lot out of you because your body is trying to compensate for two. If this is a concern talk to your doctor about it. The pain is what kinda worries me though, I think you should definatley talk to your doctor about it. Best of luck on a healthy pregnancy and down the road a healthy baby :)

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    For me it was the fact that I had so many questions going on in my head and I found the best way to deal with this was to get on the internet before I went to bed and try and research for answers. Anything I thought of while I was in bed I wrote down so I could look it up the next day. I also found that I needed to cut out sugary/fizzy drinks after about 6pm and this helped. You can get sprays for your bed linen that will help you relax from places like avon or neals yard or just a drop of Lavender oil on your pillow may help too.

  • im going through the same thing. im in my 2nd tri and will be half through my preg this sat or sun. its 430 am here and i have been up for an hour. if it isnt my back hurting, my mind not shutting down, or waking up toooo damn early its somethig else. pls let me know when you are given a working suggestion. pleaaaaaaase from one tired mommy to another

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