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Do you get the smell of witch hunt, new Spanish inquisitions and Conquistadores?

Do you get the smell of witch hunt, new Spanish inquisitions and Conquistadores?

Today, from no where we were told about the so called Muslim Terrorism in Australia. We are sick and tired of these types of false and fabricated stories. Specifically, no one knows about the details of the story. Yet, Islam and Muslims bashing is up and running. Why? Because Islam and Muslim bashing is the most spectacular sport in the town! We went through these types of tragedies and deliberate ploy to murder truth and free speech. In the long run “they” had eggs on their face. We know these peoples! They thrive on lies, deceptions, deceits and destruction. Shakespeare knew them. Charles Dickens knew them!

I can see new kind of witch hunt, Spanish inquisitions and Conquistadores in the horizon. However, I am confident it will backfire on them like poor old and misguided Crusaders!

Many hate merchants including the American Hate Merchant Denial Pipes were using the paragraph below and many other laughable and imaginary materials to incite violence against the Arabs and Muslims! This accusation of today is puzzling me. I hope it is not another Dr. Mohamad Haneef episode.

What do you think about the Muslim’s role in Australian Bush fire?

CBS News report quoted celebratory messages posted on Internet forums supportive of al Qaeda:4

In a message entitled “Al Qaeda behind Australia’s bushfires”, a member of one forum who uses the name “Osama1” talked about the terrible devastation and loss of lives caused by the fires, which he hoped were the work of al Qaeda. “Imagine if all this was the work of an al Qaeda raid against Australia who is taking part in the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan … how awesome would that be?” He also urged Islamist militants around the world to “fight the enemy” through this new form of jihad.




Could you kindly find out who have created, supported and may be still supporting Al-Qaida first? Personally speaking, I oppose and condemn violence. Be that initiated by an individual, group or a state(s)! Remember. We can not be selective here!!

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    Al-Qaeda are a group of murderers, cutthroats and monsters who take the faith of Islam and give it a bad name. People don't realize or don't care to realize they want to kill all of us who refuse to be forced to kneel down before Allah. It has nothing to really do with Afghanistan, Iraq, the West Bank, Saudi Arabia, or any other reason they give for killing. If none of those situations were around, they'd look for a reason to kill.

    I don't want violence either, but unfortunately freedom is not free. I'm all for doing whatever it takes to stop them. I know that if I was in charge, my response would be much stronger than the cowards running the show now.

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    I think the issue are:

    1. A misguided Australian academic used totally false and fabricated materials to incite against Muslims.

    2. A dangerous person like Daniel Pipes have been promoting that ill motivated Australian academic's useless article like as the Gospel truth.

    3. No one died inside Australia for terrorism. However, more than 200 people died due to bush fire! Most of those bush fire was due to arsonist’s mindless act.

    4. None of those arsonists (convicted or accused) are not from Muslim or Arab background.

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    So, are other Muslims joining in the criticism of Al Qaeda? Or are they sitting on the sidelines watching their brothers wage war on the West. Also, who else has suicide bombers? No one. That's who. By and large I think most Muslims are peaceful people who just want to get along, but far too few of them criticize the radicals.

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    In Australia do they have a trial by media or fair trial by judge and jury?

    Do they have rules of evidence and presumption of innocence?

    Or are the Muslims guilty before even being charged?

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    Take it easy. We will find out the people behind this episode. Australians are fairly good bunch you know.

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