My Husband had been suffered from Jaundice &Liver enlargement problem,and had cured within 8 months..but now..?

Last year My husband got suffered by Jaundice and his Liver 's size had increased upto 250....

and he got cured within 8 months...and everything became normal.

But now after that near about after 6 months he has again have large Liver size that is upto 47 ....

and also he has jaundice....

Please Suggest me..the causes of suffering of large Liver size..

Why he is again facing the same problem after his complete cure

What the main reason of jaundice..?

and What is the proper treatment and Diet...?

Is there any serious thing is involved behind this?


He does not take Alcohol ...

and he is Vegetarian....

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    How did you know his liver was enlarged and then shrunk back to normal size. Did a doctor do testing on him such as an ultrasound? If so, then the doctor should be the one to tell you what is going on. What did he do for 8 months that brought it back down to normal size?

    Active inflammation can cause the liver to enlarge, so he must find out what is causing it and then try to get rid of it. If he has jaundice and an enlarged liver, it is serious that he get treatment. I don't believe it is happening because of his diet, and there's no diet that is going to fix it. He need to see a liver specialist.

    Source(s): Had liver failure and a liver transplant.
  • 5 years ago

    Obviously it is very serious. While the liver can to some degree regenerate, there are limits, and if he continues to have problems he may end up with liver failure, which can be fatal. Does he drink? Does he take Tylenol? Any other medications that can contribute to liver problems? You need to take him to a doctor immediately, and avoid any medication that can damage the liver, no alcohol, and no Tylenol under any circumstances. The questions that you have asked need to be answered by a doctor.

  • tyson
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    1 decade ago

    anything to do with the liver is serious,especially when jaundice is involved,he must see a doctor asap

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