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how good will raymond felton be in the future?

can he be a late bloomer all star level point guard like chauncy billups?

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    Raymond Felton is not quite a disappointment in terms of stats, but he is somehow leaning to be another Jamaal Tinsley rather than Andre Miller. His creativity is unquestionable, but he has mild addiction on throwing bricks.

    An even bigger problem is his inability to step up at clutch time. We all know Larry Brown is a pretty harsh professor at times; when he rather plays the turnover-prone D.J. Augustin in final minutes, the message is pretty clear.

    Felton is still young and has another season or two to prove critics wrong; but the late booming of Mr. Big Shot and Steve Nash are clearly no coincidence, and so far I can hardly see Felton to possess the mentality Billups and Nash have.

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    I believ he will be a late bloomer like Chancey Bullups.Hes' good defender is all around but his special is that he's one of the fastest base line guards in the league.

    He just needs to move to another team and will put better numbers

    I hope i helped

    Darko(#1 Blazers Fan,MJ=Best)™

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    he will always be just a decent point guard. never a great one. he is quick, but he is also small and not a great shooter or defender.

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    nope, I think he is a mediocre starter at best - role best suited for him though would be a backup on a very good team

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    I don't think he will get much better than he is now

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    no he already has hair down there

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