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Ok... a quick WWE Game for you to play... Female versions of WWE Wrestlers name.....?

Sian Punk

Great Carly

The Miss (The Miz)

Christina Jericho

Lorraine Mysterio

Mrs Kennedy


Big Shawna

Mandy Orton

Katie Rhodes

Debs Dibiase (all members of Leggings-y)

Joan Cena

Mark Henrietta



Christina Cage

Paula Burchill

Sheila Benjamin

Willamina Regal

LOL.... yes im bored...

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    Leggings-y. LMAO!

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    duchess and dominique (deuce and domino)

    The boogeywoman?

    Big momma v

    queefie kingston


  • b.t.
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    Totally gay but meh?

    Cute.Miss Punk ?

  • Ashhh
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    1 decade ago

    Keep up the amazing work ... =)

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    arsenal rule

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