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Why does my male friend despise me?

I am 37-year-old female. My 47-year-old best male friend gradually stopped communicating over the past several months, and then stopped talking altogether as well as took me off his communication networks. He insists that I did nothing wrong, but said that he could no longer get along with me. WTF? I know I did nothing wrong. (I wasn't constantly initiating communication, I wasn't being needy, etc.)


I know for a fact he does not like me as more than a friend, so it's not that.

Update 2:

I am a Liberal and he is Conservative, but he previously never let that get in the way of our friendship, so I doubt it's that, either...

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    Well, who knows. He obviously got tired of you. Probably nothing you did wrong to pinpoint, but your philosophies no longer agreed.

    Maybe there was one belief that you have, that he believes strongly in the opposite view.. and is adamant about it.

    Such as God or Politics

    He might have a girlfriend and just said that to part ways with you.

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    Maybe he sees you as more than a friend? Eith that or he'ss being immature for 47 year old in which case it's his loss not yours!

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    its the 10 yr gap!

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