my PSP cant play mp4 movies?

Where do I put the mp4?

While back, I put a mp4 on one of the files (forgot, but i think its video, not game/video) and i got data corrupted.

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    The format of the video should be MPEG-4

    Good luck x

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    First thing you want to do is check that your memory card is formatted. Don't do this if you have saved data on your psp you want to keep. Turn on psp and go to the far left side to settings. Scroll down to system settings and format your memory stick. When you next plug it in you will see new folders that you didn't have before. You will see a PICTURE, VIDEO and MUSIC folder. If you didn't format your memory stick add these folders. (in caps) Now check that your video is definitely a mp4. When you are sure it is drag it into your VIDEO folder and let it copy (not be a shortcut. Sorry i don't have windows so i'm not brilliant with them.) Once its copied on it should appear in your video folder on the PSP. Email me at if you need any more help.

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    PSP supports only MP4-AVC video, not general MP4 video, please make sure your video is compatible with PSP. Assume your video has the right format, you just need to copy the mp4 video to the "Video" folder in your psp memory stick, done. If you don't have the video folder, just create it by yourself. If you want to know how to convert DVD and video to PSP compatible video, I'd recommend this step by step guide to you, it works pretty well for me.

    You can visit PSP official website to learn more info:

    Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.

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    5 years ago

    The PSP can only play movies with 3GPP Movie format.. it might help

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    u just need a converter, here is it ( whisper : this is the best answer :o )

    download it and install free video to iPod, PSP

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    Thats life

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