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What do you think this dream means?

Okay. I'm just going to say this as boy 1 and boy 2. I have been talking to boy 1 for a few months now and we're close. We're actually going on a date tomorrow. Boy 2 is my best friend. We've been talking for about 2 or 3 years. In my dream, for some reason I was waiting for boy 1 in a small room. Well, boy 2 came in. I don't remember what he wanted, but he seemed dissapointed to hear I was waiting for boy 2. He went and put on a wig, making him look like boy 2. He came into the room, and started kissing me. It was weird, because it was like I could feel it. But still. I liked it, and I don't know if in the dream I knew it was him or not. Somebody help, this is really confusing me.


It's strange because just a few days ago I had told a friend that I don't think I'd ever date boy 2, because he's kind of like a brother.

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    u like boy 2 and feel closer too him

  • P.J.
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    It appears to me that deep down you may have some feeling for boy 2.

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