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What would happen if an elephant was moisturised?

Whilst my girlfriend was giving me

fellatio the other day she suddenly stopped and asked me the above question. I thought about it too, you would need a truck load of nivea,but would that elephant become smoother skinned?

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    elephant skin is already smooth they just have a lot of hair. (believe me they do u just cant see it).

    u would probably make its skin 2 thin but just one time of NIVEA lol wouldnt do anything

    Source(s): Studying 2 be a Mammalogist
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    What would happen? hmmm...well the elephant would probably become your new best friend and follow you everywhere. It would proibably look after him/herself more. Probably. Also, Nivea would send you a personalised matching his/hers bath robes for being such great customers.

    And elephants everywhere would rejoice and honour you for eternity. YOU ARE TRULY THE ELEPHANT KING AND FROM NOW ON WILL BE KNOWN AS SUCH FOR ALL ETERNITY! ALL HAIL THE ELEPHANT KING!!

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    the elephant would die from the heat

  • bonobo
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    1 decade ago

    It would feel ten years younger.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He would turn into a hippo

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