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Should I meet up with her?

Okay this is gonna sound weird. But I have been talking to this girl who is lovely. One problem though, she is 16 and I am 20.

She wants to meet up with me, and get to know me better.

I have met her before vaguely, she was with one of my friends. And she doesnt look 16. I easily mistaken her for a girl my own age.

Thing is, I dont look or act my age. I have a baby face, I dont go out drinking every weekend like most 20 year olds do, and I am most importantly not a d*ck with girls.

She is the only girl I have spoken to that is into all the things I am. Gigs, guitars, same music etc. I feel I get on better with girls slightly younger than me than girls my own age, cos 20 year old girls in this area are slags :/

Im worried what people will say about me if I go ahead and meet her, and possibly after meeting a few times, take it further, im not sure what to do.

What do you all think?


Read above. I never go out drinking. And 16 is the legal age to smoke over here.

Update 2:

Do I LOOK 20? Naa haha

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    Firstly - dont worry about what anyone else thinks. The majority of your question is about worrying what other people think.

    My Dad was 27 when he met my Mum who was 16. They got married on her 18th Birthday. They have now been together 47 years and are still crazy about each other.

    So what if she is 16? she could be more mature than many girls her age, and dont deprive yourself of her because of her age, she cant help that !!

    you are only 20 anyway, usually it is much better to have a younger girl, they bring out the best in us, much more fun lively and you dont become an old man before your time,.

    I only go with younger girls, (5 - 10 years younger on average) and I dont care what anyone thinks

    go for it mate, you dont know how lucky you are, all your friends will be jealous so be prepared for their criticism, and this is where you have to realise they want what you got and will try and ruin it for you.

    Good for you, go for it !!

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    She has alot of growing to do still. 16 year old girls are silly and fall inlove easy. Ther eis NOTHING that a 20 year old boy will have to connect witha 16 year old girl. You are heading for disaster if you start this. Think you can go out drink, smoke, you are legal she isnt for 2 years...come on be serious think about it

    Just because you have a connection doesnt mean there sdhould be a relationship. Dont confuse a good friendship with love?

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    there's nothing wrong with a 16 year old going out with a 20 year old,

    if she wants to meet you and you want to meet her,then meet her,

    you only live once, and, why would anyone say/think anything,it's not wrong, or anything.

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    Let it be. You'll end up in more trouble then it's worth. She's 16 your 20 it will never work. Let just be a fantasy

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    Go meet her. Y not? You only live once

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