my sex partner is very quick at reaching orgasm, so I never come!what should I do?

I love a colleague of mine and wanted to be his girl friend,he didn't want a serious relationship so we happened to be sex partners.having been 2gether 3 times already in more than 5 months! He comes in a blink of an eye,and then does not bother if I haven't yet!when i leave him,i feel down and low.he does not give me any feeling either,treats me as a sex doll!but i do love time round he asks me to be there,should i say no or should I go?I wished atleast he would give me the chance of kissing and hugging him some more and would give some love in return!

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    you may "love" him but he would leave u in the blink of an eye--forget him and leave--he will never see you as gf material since hes already getting in your pants---if he loved u he would want nothing more than to date u and make u happy--even if he didnt wanna date but love u he would be asking how u feel and if u came yet--u should leave him--he is USEING u--never ever ever be a sex partner with someone you want to date or have a relationship with--it will never happen. Either get a different guy that will please u that u dont wanna date--or get into a relationship.

    yess! the person above is absolutely right!--you dont need to be his sperm dumpster anymore---thats all he sees u as--LEAVE HIM--ur to good for that--get a guy that respects u!

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    The whole point in being with someone purely for sex is that you both have fun and both enjoy the experience. I can only see heartache coming from this. Trust me, I've been in the exact same position before and it did not end well and of course, I was the one hurting while he got off lightly. If he can't give you anything more than sex, you really need to find someone who will treat you a lot better than he seems to be.

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    I know it must be hard but if he is treating as an object, then you must leave. You gotta be strong and find a man who gives you as much as you give him. For the moment sex is to be enjoyed by both, if he cums too fast then both have to go with more calm and do more slowly, because the practice the man most able to control their orgasm. If he wants to have pleasure and does not matter if you have or not, then you will never be happy. I at the beginning of my relationship with my girlfriend also could not give her an orgasm during sexual intercourse, but tried to give her an orgasm any other way, because for me the couple to be happy and more united, the two sides must have pleasure and both have to want to give pleasure to the partner.

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    You seem like a nice girl so I'm actually going to explain this to you: The biggest chance is you'll never date this guy, and its absolutely your fault. Guys hate the idea of dating a slut. I'm not saying you are. I'm sure you just really liked this guy. But, if a guy feels it was really easy to get with you, he thinks it'll be easy for other guys to get with you when you're together. So, why should he actually date you? The only chance you have to ever date this guy is to stop sleeping with him, but I'm nearly positive you'll never date him. You should probably just move on. I know it sounds mean, but I see too many girls make this mistake.

    As far as him being too fast and not caring about your orgasim... that's because he doesn't care about you. Maybe he's just quick... but, he should at least be trying to make it up to you with other things if he respected you at all. Honestly, if you treat yourself like a sex doll, I don't see why you expect him to do different.

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    Tell him to start giving you orgasms or no more sex for him.

    My girlfriend layed her vagina on my face after i cummed. Not that she didn't have a orgasm already, it's just she wanted to go longer ( i was trying to end it quickky to not be caught). Nevertheless she came and enjoyed herself.

    You just have to let him know you want to be pleasured not just pleasure him.

    Imo i wouldn't be with somone in such a lust-like relationship. Especially one that isn't healthy fir your love.

    But I'll tell you this. You have to start being the man hn bed. **** him until you ***. Honestly, sometimes you must get dirty if you want that orgasm.

    I mean, you don't wanna be stuck with a vibrator evertime do you?

  • if i told you not to sleep with him again do you reckon youd listen?

    he sounds like a total d*ck. and why would you want to have unsatisfying sex for ne ways?!

    i get the whole desire thing... and yeh i have done that sorta stuff with guys hoping for love as well.

    but... once his sex doll, always his sex doll.

    if there is nothing about it that makes you happy, be strong - dont do it anymore.

    alternitively take control of the situation. make yourself irresistable to him. hard to get. make him feel he needs to put some effort in if wants to get with you - and show him that your worth the effort. (i cant think of how but it sounds like the best idea if you can :)

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    men are biologicly under pressure to circulate of purely off of stimulation, and that's as quickly as we are maximum intamate and teach maximum of our love. (unfortunatly how that's females sorry) females, intercourse is alot greater then that, men cant understand beacuse have been under pressure via sight and tounch and intercourse, on an analogous time as you women are under pressure for thoughts, emotion, temper, touch and whatnot, then intercourse. with the purpose to them, or a minimum of a lot of them, it makes each and all the difrince interior the worldwide. i will in no way have a intercourse significant different untill im married, then it's going to be her and easily her i ought to have intercourse with. Thats intamacy. no longer drowsing around, and identity guess you one hundred to a million maximum women could say thats reality.

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    Some guys are naturally selfish and they do not bother to know whether his partner is happy or not.I will not call him bad but this is his nature.So please do not become shy and clearly tell him about your problem otherwise you will be a mental patient.It may also happen that he is suffering from ED.So discuss right now.

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    ask him to do some foreplay to you first. dont do anything to him. just say lick me or something.

    and if you really like him, dont give up yet. hang in there honey! talk with him. if he's shallow and still treats you like a sex doll, find someone else who deserves you

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    It is obvious he only wants sex from you and nothing else. This is a bad situation because you said "you love him". Your only going to get hurt, i'd get out of this situation ASAP. Ask yourself can i love someone who only wants to use me? That might help you cut the connection.

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