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is it ok (healthy) for my six month old to eat a full banana blended?

my little girl loves blended bananas as a new taste we have introduced her to but she eats a full one at a time blended is there a recomended amount of in take a baby should have a day/week or will she get constipated or loose or any of the above?

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    Well depends on the size of the banana. my 18 month baby giver her a whole medium banana but the large ones i cut a piece off. i also add an apple sometimes. you can give it to her everyday. and she mite get abit constipated with bananas. just give her plenty of water.

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    Banana is perfectly fine for a 6 month old to eat. It's a myth that introducing fruits will later make vegetables more difficult to introduce. We're born with a sweet tooth - breastmilk is extremely sweet.

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    When doing this add a little bit of plain yogurt so she gets full quicker and won't have too much banana and you can help her eat this. I'm sure she would love the idea that, mommy or Daddy gets to share a snack with her.

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    Hi there, I should think that is fine. More likely to make her constipated than loose so just watch out for that and other fruits should compensate for that hopefully

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