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World of warcraft: Funniest moments. -Has a prize-?

What's the funniest thing you ever heard, done, or seen on WoW.

It can be from gen chat, over vent, in group, etc.

I'll start:

I was sitting in teldrassil at lvl 60-ish, minding my bussiness in Bear form when a gnome comes up behind me. (This was pre BS btw no choppers)

Gnome: Hey can i get a lift, i haven't bought my mount yet?

Me: Umm... sorry i can't do that, but follow this road it'll lead you straight to darnassus.

Gnome: Too long, can i just hop on your back?

Me: No

Gnome: -trades 1 gold and starts trying to hop on me- please

Me: i can't dammit!

Random guy 1: WTF, what are you guys doing?

Ranom guy 2: I've seen some odd WoW fetishes but this is...

Me: /sigh /facepalm Forget this, can't even relax in a starter zone without sexual abuse from a gnome. -hearth out-

Another one in COT: Durnhold

noob: Why won't thrall die

Me & group: what?

Noob: He won't die.

Me: Lol, only wat he dies is if we let him. Besides we need him alive till the future.

Noob: ...

Priest: -bubbles the warrior tank-

Me: ?!

Groupmate: WTF

Me: Wipe

Warrior: Sweet, atleast Thralls dead.

Me: Why did you bubble him.

Priest: He said too, thought he was gonna use it too heal.

Groupmate: He's a warrior

Me: Yeah, and besides why didn't you heal Thrall?

Warrior noob & Priest: HE NEEDED TO DIE.

Groupmate: ...seriously?

Warrior: We're alliance you dullard, he's the enemie.

Groupmate leaves group.

Me: Congradulations guys now we're stuck in the pasts. Thrall was gonna help us get out.

-I leave group and secretly hearth out when i get whispered.-

Noobs: Help, the instance resetted and our armor is now all broken. The mobs keep killing us too.

Me: Sorry shouldv'e hearthed

Noobs: ... I hate you,

Funniest one of course gets the 10 yahoo points for best answer.

Please post as many as you like. Stories, events, funny wipes are all good ones.

Ill leave this post up for a couple days so if you don't have a funny moment yet, you can think of one.


Lol so far it's very funny. Hey somone have any where they pulled a leeroy, cause I do.

It was in scholo at level 60 boomkin. We made a bad pull and only me, a mage and rogue survived. The warlock decided to run back and I would rez the warrior Tank when he finishes being AFK. So the warlock comes back and we wait, and wait. Finally the warrior is back and we rez him. I then go afk for the pathroom, so group coninues ahead. Now their at the last bosses room below the one I'm in. They forgot one mob so i say to them no worries he's a caster mob 2 lvls below me and I'm in blues, i can handle it. He wound up being too tough and and the warlock had to come mini tank with the void walker. I finished it with a moonfire and accidently hit my starfall buttom. Some of the stars hit the mobs below in the bosses room. You hear is Ras Frostwhisper do his batlle cry. We run to the bottom floor. As soon as we get near the door it closes us out. "GG shiphix", /wipe.

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    Alright, so I was doing the Ruins of An-Quiraj or something like that.. The one with the final boss C'Thun on my level 80 Dk. I just joined the group when they were about to begin the twin boss one. The one with the 2 huge lizzards or whatever. So, in the middle of the room, bugs spawn apparently. I was made aware by the level 60 Raid Leader that Dk's were of no use on that fight, so I was put on "Bug Duty". I thought "Wtf?!". So, I just ignore the bugs completely, and go for the huge boss guys, a few healers die, but "eh". Somebody else took it upon themselves to take care of the bugs. So, a little down the road, when they get to some other boss, the one before C'Thun, I get on my bear, and go pull C'Thun all the way from across the instance. His tentacles follow me and I wipe half the raid(Nobody realized that I was the one who did it xD). Later, when we finally get to C'Thun, I pull him, and he does some huge *** blast thing, and wipes the raid again. I was like "OMG, dude I am so so sorry, I didn't even mean to do that dude!". The Raid leader believes me, and doesnt kick me from group. Naturally, I do the same thing again and instantly wipe the raid again. I was.. Kicked. I whispered one of the guys in the group that had assist, and he was laughing his *** off at what I was doing, so he invited me back, and I did the same thing again, wiping the raid. I wasn't able to get invited back into the raid, because the raid leader took assist off everyone, but since I was in the instance before he kicked me from group, I was able to pull C'Thun and wipe them all again. Lmfao. That's what that little idiot gets for putting me on bug duty.

    This other time, I was in this stupid guild that was obviously going nowhere. I was an officer, and just hit level 70 on my Dk. The Guild leader was so cool, that he gave me 1k to get my 60% fly speed! :O. There was, a catch however. I had to pay him back... So what I did, was, I booted every member of the guild(except for the officers), I booted a total of 80 something people from the guild, lmao. The only ones left were the 8 officers, including me, and the Gm. (I did this when it was really late,so nobody was online). Next, I set everbody's note as stupid stuff, like "I like men" or something of the sort. Next, I took everything out of the GB, and flooded the entire bank (all 3 tabs) with an item called "Mild Spices" purchased from the Undercity Cook. Next, I /gquit. Needless to say, I recieved alot of hate mail, tells and threats, but it was funny as hell.

    Well, these are a few of the countless funny things i've done on WoW. Lmao.

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    I don't know if this is my funniest moment but it pops to mind as my most embarrassing. We were in Naxx25 and I had just gotten a Tier 7.5 chest piece token. We were taking our usual 10 minute break. My mind was completely innocent when I asked, "During our break, do you guys mind if I grab my chest?" Obviously I was going to hearth and spend the token and I wanted to a summon back... but saying it like that... >.> It was like being thrown to the wolves. I never lived that down.

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