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early period after unprotected sex?

I had unprotected sex on the last day of my period and a day after it too, about 2-3 days later I had what looked like spotting because it was not my usual heavy flow and it wasn't fresh blood (brownish) and it was also shorter then my usual period, later this stopped and a week has passed and everything seems fine i have the normal whitish/clear discharge and I'm waiting for my period which should come around the 9th but its sometimes late or early... could I be pregnant or should I not worry until I see if I get my normal period or not?

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    Worry about it until you have the common sense not to have sex without protection.

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    having intercourse can set off a era. in case you're on the brink of your commencing time. then definite intercourse could reason a era to start. it doesnt be counted if it became into unprotected or no longer. or in case you used a toy or your hands. any of those can set off an early era. purely be happy to procure it. ;) or it must be what the guy above me suggested. simply by vaginal tearing ,

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    Don't worry about it..... wait until your normal period.

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    i think you should see your gp if you dont get your normal period just to be safe

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    don't worry about it until you get/or dont get your normal period.

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    who cares?

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