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What are the dangers of not shutting down your PC before turning it off?

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    It Corrupts the system, it's one of those things where you can do it 100 times and be fine or do it once and your screwed.

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    Turning a Windows system "OFF" (from 'Start> Turn Off Computer...' button) is not the best way to put your system away for the night (or extended periods).

    Forcing a shutdown with the power button is NEVER a good option; only a last resort.

    It prevents Windows from 'housekeeping' system files to get ready for the next start-up, and may, over time, cause system or data file corruption; slow down; even break Windows.

    A vastly improved method is 'Hibernation'.

    Shutdowns using the 'hibernate' method gives several benefits: It's a near zero power state; all 'Startup' folder items are already loaded, Windows background services are already 'up', and all open work moves to the hard drive, yielding really fast start-ups.

    And if power is lost (storms, etc.) the document or picture you were working on won't be lost like it would be in 'Standby' mode, and the system will resume just where you left it.

    To start up, push the power button, and Windows will resume right where you left it, bada bing.

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    Data corruption (low risk for one time, but real if you do it regularely)

    when you shut off without warning, it is possible the head of the hard drive is still writing when you turn it off... possibly corrupting one of your files, or even your os forcing reinstall. It does not happen every time, but can happen. if it takes too long to shut down, put it in hibernate mode

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    faulty power supply.

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