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Having sex for the first time..?

Me and my boyfriend have been togethe a while now and are both ready for sex, my question is does anyone have any tips on how to start and to make the first time extra special, id be very gratefull :)


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    My first time was very memorable. Try something other that missionary-style first. For example, I performed Oral on my boyfriend first. Also, your body will instinctively move. It will hurt a lot when he enters you, and even more when he punctures the Hymen, But eventually pleasure outweighs pain. It is natural to be a little sore afterward.

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    I know it sounds like a lame tip, but if you do you will enjoy it so much more. For my first time we cuddled and spent the day together watching movies first, then just let it happen. If you are relaxed then you'll feel totally comfortable and enjoy it more.

    Good luck :)

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    To be honest... the first time isn't that great at all.

    No matter how 'special' you make it, it will still be awkward, uncomfortable, and painful.

    Um... the only advice I can give is for you to make sure there is lots of foreplay, so that you're properly wet, so that it doesn't hurt as much.

    Apart from that, practice makes perfect.

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    If you can, go to a beach late at night and bring a bunch of candels and put them all around and do it on the sand. You could also put rose pedals everywhere.

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  • dont expect too much. i dont no anyone whos first time was any good.

    make sure you love each other... thats about as special as can be... unless you want to opt for the more cliche "rose petals and champagne" type scenario.

    Source(s): personal experience... and know the stories of many other deflowered roses.
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    my first time was painful but the only thing that made it good was afterwards when he saw i was in pain. we just laid down and he just held me for like 2 hrs and i went to sleep in his arms

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    go some were other then each others house

    really cant help out further then that though

  • Umm... wait till marriage. Trust me. I wish i had.

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    take a money shot

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