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Where I can download/read Kuroshitsuji manga in Japanese?

Where I can download/read Kuroshitsuji (Black butler) manga in Japanese?

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    to download kuroshitsuji in japanese [RAW]

    to read RAW kuroshitsuji online..

    hope dis is d one u want 2 find out..


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    Read Kuroshitsuji Online

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    I'm pretty sure Sebastian is not dead. Remember when he got shot in the head once...or a lot of times? xD I think Sebastian knows that someone is going to kill him when he find something in the fireplace that night, that why he give every servant instruction on what to do for the next few days. But I'm pretty sure Ciel didn't know what is happening and why Sebastian is dead. The part where he grab something off of Sebastian suit may be by accident then realize that he got something in the palm of his hand. The reason why I think Sebastian didn't tell Ciel that he (sebby) is planning is because he want to see Ciel reaction. You remember that chapter where he release the snake even though he knows that Ciel is still there? Sebby was having fun at that time and i'm pretty sure he's having fun right now. What a cruel demon he is xD

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    this is a site where they translate the Kuroshitsuji manga, but they also upload the RAWS for people who want it or cant wait for the english versions.

    you can try it =D

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    Good Afternoon ^^

    You could try the main 黒執事 website:

    Also you could watch several episodes online, the first episode being here:

    If you would like to READ the manga online, please go here:

    Hope I helped ^^

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    try one manga it is realy good it also have alot of manga too

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