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Best free antivirus or more free trials ?

Ive been using free trials of anti virus for the past 4 months to get around having to pay for it - I know I'm cheap. So far Ive used Symantec, Kaspersky,E-set,McAfee. Any ideas for more 30-day free trials?

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    Avast is the best anti-virus, and Spybot S&D is the best anti-spyware / malware. No matter who you talk to their theories of the best software are going to differ, I personally have not had any trouble with these programs and have heard nothing but good things from other people whom have used them too.

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    Source(s): Amazing Protection Antivirus Software :
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    AVG 8 free is the best, which has got 80 million supports in the world, the largest support ever

    VERY IMPORTANT: people always comment negative things on AVG becoz they dont know the basic concept of AVG or never used AVG anytime before

    whats there in avg?

    Anti-Virus protection: It detects worms, trojans as well executable DLL files that could be potentially unwanted

    Anti-Spyware protection: It protects you from not only spyware but even adwares and all tracking cookies

    Email Scanner: It scans for incoming as well as outgoing mails and is compatible with any email client software

    Link Scanner: consists of avg surf sheild and avg search sheild which identifies malicious websites

    Resident Shield: It scans files when opened, closed and saved and it also scans for tracking cookies

    AVG provides 3 types of scan

    1)Scan whole computer

    2)Scan specific files or folder

    3)Shell extension scan (right click a file to scan)

    AVG uses heuristics scan, it also scans system environment


    No anti rootkit protection: don't worry, you can download a separate avg antirootkit tool of size less than 1 mb from here,65198-pa... plz note a regular anti-rootkit scan is not compulsory, its required only when u are infected

    No customer care support: You can make use of the avg forums where u can definitely get help

    MAJOR BENIFITS using avg:

    1) light weight, the updates size are also very small they will never increase your internet bill whereas some other softwares provides u with large size updates just to generate income out of the freeware

    2) AVG will never slow down your pc for avg 8.5 free,65198-pa... for avg anti-rootkit tool for avg forum

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    Do this on-line scan first :

    only if you might be worried that you could be infected now.

    then go and get avast for full time protection,

    you can not get a better anti virus system for free.

    it has many features you will have to pay for in other systems.

    don't forget to register or you will only have it for 60 days

    by registering you will get a licence for a full year.

    just re-register at the end of the year to get another one year licence.

    if you feel you would be even safer with a software firewall


    try this one it's also free and it has no conflicts with avast

    if you dont like the look of avast then pc tools

    have a simpler free a- v- system :

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    Please Try CIS 3.10 (Comodo Internet Security), Free version available,It comprises of Anti virus,a Personal firewall and a Defense+ , a 24/7 forum support also available, Your queries will be answered within 2 hours.

    You can download the product from the above link.

    All the Best...

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    for my area i take advantage of AVG Antivirus. its loose and works merely besides, if not greater effective then all of those u gotta pay for. it additionally doesnt decelerate your device as lots, like norton antivirus

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    Therz no harm in using or even asking for a free anti virus..!!!!

    I wud not recommed AVG...please avoid it... Kasperskly is GREAT but cums with a cost.. and no point even looking for a crack for it....

    Try "Avira AntiVir" ..its absolutely free and a fantastic antivirus....

    Also, i wud advice to install a spyware for added security....


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    Avira is free and bets the detection of all the one you named. With a good firewall such as online armor or outpost is a good combination.

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    you could use AVG it also has a 30 day trial version or you could use it permenantly free but having some less security features than full version

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    you can get AVG 8.5 for free and its rather good...or you can use COMODO internet security

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