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I'm thinking of taking a GAP year any help of what i should do?

I am hoping to go on a Gap year during 2011 as i will finish school in 2010.

Their are so many different choices, eg what one camp america etc etc

If anyone could help and share their experiences??

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I live in Australia

I would like to visit USA and or Europe

rather work since it would cost me a lot and i don't have alot of money

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    Some of the volunteering work projects work out cheaper than travelling on your own so they could be good value and good experience.

    Eastern Europe is MUCH cheaper and exciting too. You'll have to work hard to keep costs down in Western Europe.

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    What country do you live in now and what countries do you want to visit during your GAP year? Do you want to work? Volunteer? That would help people give you some great ideas.


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