Can He Take My Fridge?

I was laid off for a while and just found a new job. My landlord "rented" us a fridge and when I couldn't make the payments, didn't say a word. Well, today I came home to see a note on my door that he'd sold my fridge and would be back tomorrow to take it. He's given me less than 20 hours to replace my fridge now. Can he do this? I'm strapped until I get my next check and just gave almost $100 to Rent-A-Center who can't deliver it until Thursday afternoon...he refuses to work with me. Can I say no? I have far too much freezer stuff to put in a cooler.

Help, please!


Our lease says nothing about it. It was a verbal agreement.

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    Despite the above poster, NO states require refrigerators. Those are personal appliances.

    You need to look at the rental agreement to see what you agreed to do in the event that you stiff him on the rent of the fridge.

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    It mostly depends on the type of the agreement you made with the landlord. Also you can share your concern with the land Lord and see if he/she can let you use it for some more times. If not accepted you can offer some extra dollars.

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    "Rented" you a fridge? In all states that I know of landlords must provide a fridge as part of the rent. Is he renting you your toilet as well as a luxury item?

    I would check with local code enforcement officer about what your landlord must provide.

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    Depending on your lease agreement, please review the wording. I would contact the tenants rights bureau in your state/county/city.

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