Do you want the Obama Health Care Plan ?

If so, somebody will have to pay for it... common sense and past governmental practices are to naturally raise taxes to fund such a plan.

As Americans, the facade of freedom we believe in is an illusion, we aren't really "free", we pay to live here, we pay all sorts of kind of taxes over 50% of our incomes. Also, the U.S. government has struggled with so many ideas that turned into nightmares, such as, Medicare, Social Security, the Veterans Affairs Administration, the Stimulus Bill, etc. More importantly, the Obama Health care plan will basically determine whether if you live or die. Do you really want to be waiting in line for hours upon hours with welfare people to see a government doctor? That's how it's going to be.... just imagine if the Obama care went into effect today and you got sick. All of the vagrants, freelaoders, and welfare recipients will flock to see a doctor for a check-up for whatever illnesses and ailments they didn't take care of. If the Government wants to insure these low-lifes, they should be directed to Gov. ran hospital and clinics exclusively without affecting the good hard working people of this country!!! KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES, they are well known for royally screwing things up and hanging us all out to dry..... SAY "NO" to government ran anything, if it is associated with GOVERNMENT, SAY "NO" we don'y need your underlying hidden agendas anymore.


EXCUSE ME, people are "Entitled" to ANYTHING!!!! This hand-out mentality help me victim attitude is absurd!!! PEOPLE have worked hard over the years and bought and paid for what they needed and fenned for themselves. IT IS NOTHING NEW, it's called work... get off your dead @$$ and provide for yourself and your family. If "health care" needs to be provided to you, the government should sponser their own exclusive plan to help you, NOT intermingle their plan with everyone elses so WE the hard working people GET sub-standard generic crap health care.... I pay for what I get, and I like it, so don't screw-up what I work hard for. YOU WILL SEE PROTESTS IF THIS GOES THROUGH, IN FACT, A SCREETCHING HALT TO OUR WORKFORCE WILL TAKE PLACE... TO PROTEST BY REFUSING TO WORK ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY.

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  • Paul
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    1 decade ago
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    Government screws EVERYTHING up!

  • 1 decade ago

    No I am totally against the government health care plan.

    If the health care is bound to be grouped, it should be controlled by each state not the government. We as citizens should have the choice to cross state lines to buy our policies.

    I am happy with what I have and want to keep it. For those who have none and want ins. the state should control it. Along with Soc.Sec. & medicare/ medicaid.

    The states should be able to decide if they want to pay for illegals also. This should not be a decision for the government. If a state benefits from having illegals work in their state, let them pay for their health care and all other benefits. If the illegal moves to another state they loose all benefits from that state and pick up on the policies of the new state.

    I pay for my insurance, I should have the freedom to keep it & purchase it anywhere in America. Or pay for health care out of my pocket if I choose to do so. Leaving all the debt for future generations is just down right wrong.

  • mick t
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    1 decade ago

    I think we need to return to competitive free market principles in the area of medicine. The system we have now, with insurance companies regulating health care means we have to pay through the nose for coverage, and we rarely can choose our own providers. The old system used market incentives to keep costs low, and quality high. We had a system that was the envy of the world until the government and large financial corporations got involved

  • 1 decade ago

    Not necessarily, however, we need something.....this IS an issue for more than 1/2 the American population that is one health care crisis away from bankrupcy.

    I am not talking about welfare Jen and Joe who want cosmetic surgery......I'm talking about small business owners and hard working people who are being preexisting conditioned/high deductible -premiumed out of emergency & life saving health care. Between the greedy health care industry and health insurance companies, it seems like a never ending loop of continually rising costs.

    The problem is making life and death a money making venture. I do not advocate socialism, however, where do you draw the line regarding who's life is worth saving? Who "deserves" a better quality of life?

    This issue is not easy from either point of view.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Far superior to the Obama health care is the single payer system which the rest of the world is using. The Obama plan is one step on the way to remove the current, worst system of health care in the world.

    Universal health care would save us all a lot of money and the nonsense about us not being able to afford it is scare tactics by the crooks. Telling me that European countries can afford to let all workers take six to eight weeks paid vacation a year and also provide universal health care while the US don't have the money is like saying the US is among the poorest nations in the world.

  • 1 decade ago

    We need the single payer system of health care in this country. Obama's plan is a good step in the right direction but until we have single payer it isn't enough. The money saved would be tremendous. This country needs to stop invading other countries and spending billions of dollars in military waste that only benefits a few and costs the majority. You want to complain so much about taxes, how about complaining about this. We wasted so much tax money in Iraq and still are ( fortunately an end is in sight) that we all could have had single payer coverage years ago. The majority of Americans put Obama in office because they are sick of the way things are going in this country and are happy to see changes - finally. The rest of the sore losers are trying their damnedest to stop it with scare tactics and lies. Since you have admitted on another one of your questions that you don't even live here in the U.S. what do you care ?? Rabble rousers from other countries don't have a say, sorry.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't want people to be forced to buy healthcare or you get a fine or go to jail. That is just not right. What we have is ok, it just needs little changes, we don't need some socialist coming in and turning America into another country.

  • 1 decade ago

    I want health care reform. I don't think that a persons insurance company should have the right to cancel because a person has recurring illness.

  • cantcu
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    1 decade ago

    I believe people are entitled to medical care. That a few can enjoy it while others die for lack of Medical care is obscene, especially when you consider that we pay 17% of GNP for medical care already while those countries that DO provide medical care pay 10% or less!

    This money argument doesn't work while CEO's are making $14 plus million a year and not a penny goes to health-care!

  • 1 decade ago

    ABSOLUTELY NOT It will result in two things, higher taxes and lower quality of health care.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would want it "IF" Congress felt it was good enough for them. Besides not being able to pay for it, they don't even think they want it. So why the hell should we even consider it?

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