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SCG Ticket Prices for an ODI.?

Simply put, does anyone have any idea, roughly, how much a ticket will cost for a 16 and 17 year old to get into the SCG for an ODI Cricket match (more specifically the Australian vs. Pakistan ODI) in 2010? I do not need precise figures but I am having trouble finding even a rough estimate. Can anyone help?

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    I don't live in Sydney. So dunno the precise figures but I reckon somewhere between 30-140 AUD for Adult and 20-40 AUD for Kids. There's also tickets for families which come for over 100 AUD upto 200 AUD.

    These are the approx. price ranges and the actual amount will vary depensing on the type of ticket whether its Regular, Silver, Gold or Platinum. If you are a retired senior citizen, the again they have some special concessions but not sure about that mate.

    Btw, these are approx. figures for MCG. Give or take 20$ for SCG ticket prices.

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    1000 - 2000 INR

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