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How should I introduce my dog to other dogs?

I just adopted a year old dog (she is a mutt) Thursday, and I wanted to take her to my friends house, but the problem is he has about 4 other dogs (all female, my dog is also female) but I've NEVER had her around other dogs (since I've gotten her) and I'm not sure how she will react

she doesn't SEEM aggressive but I'm not sure if I want to take the chance or her trying to attack them or growl at them

should I try and introduce her to my friends dogs? or should I just leave her at home?

but I think she does chase cats, at least she tries because i was walking her yesterday and she saw a cat and tried to run after her

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    i'd honestly be more worried about the friend's dogs.

    the best way to introduce dogs to eachother is on neutral territory. the park is a good place, but if you're wanting something a little more controlled take your dog to your friend's house and have your friend and your friend's dogs meet you and your dog across the street. go for a short walk together. this makes it so that no one is on anyone else's territory (and believe me females are just as territorial as males), and gives them a chance to sniff and introduce without having to worry about who is invading the yard/house.

    do not let them meet face to face no matter how you do it. if you go to their house your dog should have her back to them when greeting time happens. this puts her into the submissive position, and shows them that she isn't a threat. they will likely spend a lot of time investivgating her back end and her genital area, and this is compeltely normal. if she urinates a little that means she is telling them she isn't a threat. face to face contact is often seen as a challenge so avoid that at all costs.

    if everything goes well then take all 5 of them into the house together.

    Source(s): i train dogs professionally, and i've done this many times to introduce rescued dogs into new homes.
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    I wouldn't bring your dog to your friends home. Instead I would have a doggie play day in a park or something, and have your friend bring only one of his dogs. If you bring your dog to your friends house the other four dogs may become territorial. And if your friend brings his dogs your dog may become territorial. - For example, I adopted a Yorkie (Benny) in April, and already have a St. Bernard (Jake) at home, who I have had since fifth grade. When we got Benny, Jake had JUST gotten his Bordatella (spelling?) shot which does not go into effect for 10 days, but poor Benny had kennel cough. Jake has his own suit in the lower level of our house, but has to go upstairs to get inside and outside. After Benny's kennel cough went away Jake was allowed to play with him in the living room but Benny started becoming aggressive because Jake was "intruding." When Benny and Jake met at the SPCA they SEEMED to like each other, and then Benny attacked Jake. Point of the story is that no matter what they SEEM like some dogs do not like to have visitors in their territory. I would just have a doggie meet with one of the other animals first at a park or something. After that he can bring the same dog plus another, and repeat until your dog has been able to meet and greet all four of the dogs. If they can get along outside of the home THEN you can probably start to bring them inside of the home. *Also, take note of the age of the dogs. Your dog is still a puppy and if your friend has elderly dogs then they may not take well to the jumping and what not. But if they are also fairly young they could end up as playmates. You never know. But good luck! :)

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    First, I would meet in a neutral place, such as the park or beach. Then, once the dogs are acquainted with each other, take them back to your friends house. She should be okay. I'm sorry if it doesn't work, but it worked for my dogs.

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    i suggest that u get a friend to come over with his/her dog keep them on leashes and go to the parkkeeping them at a distance then once yu get to the park walk the dogs closer together if they don't show any sign's ov aggesiveness then ur good to go

    try this at home first in a large space once your dog is happy with ur friends dog try to introduce her to other dogs

    hope i helped ^^ also reward ur dog like a treat or belly rub to also keep her calm

    Source(s): experienced it with my friends doggy
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    Introduce her to one of the dogs at a time if she growls say "no" and pull her away.

    It is best if both dogs are on a leash to prevent fights. Most dogs of the same sex (especially females) get along well.

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    Take her to your friends house and see how she goes. If she goes aggressive or they start attacking each other then maybe take her away from them.

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