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How Can We Convert Atheists To Christianity Before They Die And It's Too Late To Save Their Souls?

My Pastor had a good idea. He said that we should stop teaching kids that we evolved from monkeys. Instead, we should learn 'em the truth..which is....we was created by God. He also said that there needs to be more prayer in the public school system. What do you think the best approach is?

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    "He said that we should stop teaching kids that we evolved from monkeys."

    Only cretinist would believe such an IDiotic thing.

    "What do you think the best approach is?"

    You people should keep working really hard at us.

    Whoopee .. y'all are our best weapon.


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    "Learn 'em"? You didn't pay much attention in school, did you?

    Evolution has scientific evidence backing it up. Creationism does not. And since school is about academics, they will only teach what has been proven.

    If you want to pray at school, be my guest. Just don't put it over the intercom and lead the class in prayer.

    And atheists don't want your help to save their souls. They don't believe in your religion. Most, in the U.S. at least, were actually brought up believing in your god before they realized how ridiculous it was.

    If you try and convert them, you'll only make enemies for yourself. Be a friend - be kind, respect their feelings and beliefs, and live and let live.

  • armand
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    properly mate, you're no longer helping via posting those questions.. the only thank you to truly help people, is to enable them to locate their very own way. you suspect in God and Heaven, and the Atheists will have confidence in 'having a competent one' Have slightly justification and self-assessment 2d, via asking your self.. are you happy with what you're doing?. Are you rather helping?. do we ever be each and each of an analogous?. and quickly you will locate: the greater you attempt to do (your) God's will, and convert people against their will - the greater people will rebellion against you. you're no longer a foul individual, and neither are the folk you prefer to transform. we are all purely a balancing out the scales of existence. The stability is healthful and mandatory. Now enable's circulate on.

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    This is actually not a half bad question.

    I think the first thing we need to do as Christians is to tell the plain truth.

    Lies and half truths in the name of Evangelism is not very good PR for our Father.

    Lie #1. All you do is say this prayer and fluffy bunny Santa GOD will come give you butterfly kisses and put gas in your car for ever. That's what people said about Obama and you see where we are now 6 months later.

    Truth.#1. If you want to follow Jesus you are going to completely give up your life and will and start living life on GOD's terms and not yours.

    There is nothing fluffy bunny rainbow spinning about GOD. It took his torture and bloody death on a cross to pay for our wickedness.

    We deserve to go to Hell. Yes Hell is very real. Hell Fire and damnation preachers were the closest to Biblical truth yet.

    So... We can convert nobody. Only The Spirit of GOD can do that. If we could do anything then nobody would need GOD.

    That's the fact's Jack. You can accept GOD or reject GOD. There is no gray area. You will make a choice sooner or later.

    I hope that helps.

    Source(s): The Bible.
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    The best approach would not be your pastors.

    His idea is what drives people away from your flavour of religion and religion in general.

    I'd be surprised if one atheist wanted any prayer in any public school system.


    Atheists will tell you to just stop with the pushiness and live your life quietly and kindly.

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    You are so right! We should also stop all research into science at all, we should all visit witch doctors, we should burn all unholy books, we should destroy all we do not understand and only worship God! Or we could use a little bit of intelligence and find your Pastor and give a him a big, hard punch in the face.

  • RWgirl
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    That will never work. Also, pressuring people to convert will only drive them away. The best thing to do is treat everyone with the respect and dignity that you wish to be treated with.

    You aren't going to out- argue, bully or out- logic someone into converting. It's not going to happen. If you read your Bible, God says He's the one who converts people's hearts and He chooses when to reveal Himself to someone. It's rather arrogant to take that job away from God or assume you can do it better than Him.

    Instead of trying to convert non- Christians, why not try being nice to them, not judging them, and treat them the way you want to be treated?

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    1. We did not evolve from monkeys. Your pastor is an idiot for saying that and your an even bigger idiot for believing him.

    2. SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. That is why their is no prayer in public school.

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    I think yuor Pastor is right. But the youth in my Church(me and the others) go out into busy areas some Sabbaths(saturdays) after Church and a group of us sing(our church youth has good singers with cds)

    while giving out leaflets about God and all the time people come up to us and ask us questions and tell us their problems and how they ould love to know God. And we give out contact numbers and tell them to call us to arrange a day when maybe we can have a Bible Study or they could come to our Church. So Evangelisim is most certainly another way to convert them.

    But you need to remember dont be pushy when evangelising because it is their choice and nobody elses and you dont want them to feel condemned to come to Church. Because they do come most likely they are going to read the Bible and find out abuot free will and things like that and it will confuse them more.

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    Your pastor is ignorant about evolution because it never said that we evolved from monkeys.

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