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clothing for very very petite teens?

ok, im 13 years old, and im very very petite in size. my height is 4 foot 4, and my shoe size is 12 and a half kids. i was wondering if there were any places to shop, not like kids clothes but kinda older looking, or more sophisticated looking clothes. and shoes.


thanks for all the answers, are there any places to shop for shoes?

Update 2:

i do thank alll the people who answered, i am looking for a slight classsic/ uniform look.

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    Have you tried capri or crop pants? Sometimes xs women's sizes in these types of pants are short enough to fit like regular long pants. I've also heard that Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters both have tops and jackets that are shorter in length. Look for tops with short or 3/4 length sleeves.

    Some online stores like offer shoes in as small as women's size 2 that are probably a little "older-looking" than some of the 12.5 size shoe styles you're finding.

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    At places like Abercrombie&Fitch junior section?

    Or for more expensive things Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

    You can get size 8~14 kids there.

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    omg that's so cuuuuute!!!

    hehe sry i'm small too and I know I HATE when people point out how vertically challenged I am (5 1) but I found that I love Abercrombie Kids (isn't really kids in my opinion, same clothes but smaller sizes) not just because I'm into it, but also because it has FANTASTIC sizing and it really makes you look real good! Love it!

    Idk I'm sure there are other stores... but I can't really think of any, I'm just starting to manage to get into xs in American Eagle, lol...

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    well im 16yrs old & ive been 5'2" since i was 10yrs old, no kidding.

    So i might be taller than you but ive been pretty thin my whole life & when i was 13, i started shopping at WetSeal. They have really classy/sophicated clothes so try wetseal. Im sure they'll have something that fits you, just take the time to look all throughout the store.

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    Abercrombie kids

    or Aeropostale XS i have a friend that shops there and she is also very small!

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