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Brown discharge when ovulating, normal?

I am 16 years old and I am on day 17 of my cycle (which is normally 31-32 days long), which would mean I'm ovulating right now. I get this brown discharge in my underwear, but mostly after I exercise. I was just wondering what caused this.

- I am sexually active, but almost always use protection.

-I only have sex with one guy and he only has sex with me. So it's not an std.

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    Completely, it is just that you are discharging that icky stuff while you are ovaluating so some blood might be mixed in, causing the color to turn brown. Sometimes if you spot, the color might also turn brown with a discharge but if the color is yellow or yellowish brown when you are not ovulating and it is itchy or has an odor, you may have an infection.

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    unquestionably no longer something to stress approximately. because of the fact that's around the time you frequently have your era, curiously such as you're in basic terms having a easy flow this month. Brown discharge is in basic terms discharge tinged with old blood it incredibly is in basic terms now making its way out the vagina. The redder it incredibly is, the brisker it incredibly is. The browner, the greater that's been uncovered to oxygen. completely ordinary!

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    its normal ...

    its just all the junk and yucky stuff comming out of your system. so its ok.

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