What was the reason for the war between the titans and the olympians in Ancient Greece?

its pretty self explanatory. im so interested in this topic.

if you know any documentrys that would be really helpful.

most books and internet sites ive read just give detailed descriptions of who the titans/olympians were and what was the outcome. i havnt found anything on why there was a war in the first place.

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    Mostly it was just because the Olympian gods, the children of the Titans wanted to take over ruling the world. Unlike the modern constitutional monarchies, when it comes to ruling the universe and Greek Mythology, there is no such thing as a peaceful succession.

    The first rulers of the universe were Gaea, the Earth, and Uranus, the sky. Apparently, Uranus was a pretty cruel ruler and a bad husband, because eventually Gaea got sick of her husband and conspired with her son Kronos to overthrow him. Kronos did as his mother asked him, overthrowing his father and castrating him for good measure. With Kronos' rule came peace and justice, at least until a prophecy was made that said Kronos would be overthrown one of his children. Kronos of course was not thrilled at such news and decided that the only sure way to defeat this prophecy was to eat each of his children on the day they were born. This went on for some time, eleven times in fact, but after watching eleven of her children get eaten by her husband, Rhea, the wife of Kronos, said, enough is enough. When the 12th child Zeus was born, she hid him and then secretly fed Kronos a large rock instead. Zeus was taken to an island where he grew powerful and wise, and eventually he was strong enough to challenge his father. During their fierce battle, Zeus cut open Kronos' stomach and lo and behold, not only did the children of Kronos survive being eaten, but they were now fully formed gods and goddesses in their own right. Now Zeus had eleven other allies, and they, along with the cycloi, made short work of the Titans, banishing them to Tartarus.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, the war was the result of that timeless struggle between overbearing fathers and rebellious sons that Sigmund Freud studied so much, further complicated by the fact that Kronos treated his children like appetizers.

    Source(s): Edith Hamilton's Mythology, The Iliad, I have a B.A. in Classics.
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    The titans ruled the world but the Olympians wanted the world for them selves Titans didn't want that to happen.

    simply said - The Olympians needed to gain total control over the universe so Zeus and the other Olympians fought a series of wars with the Titans, the Giants, and Typhon

    Source(s): (stupid gods)
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    Well basically, The titans were strong and ran around doing whatever they pleased. Which for the worst once such as Kronos meant destruction, killing, wrecking towns etc. They were a challenge to the Olympians power, so they had a war and imprisoned them.

    The titans were a threat to the Olypmpians pretty much.


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    There was enmity between the Titans and the Olympians mainly because Chronos had devoured his children. He had been foretold that his son would replace him as he had replaced his father. So there could be no peace between them, and the Olympians were just fighting for their lives.

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    If I recall, the titans were the half brother of Zeus's father and the olympians were siding with Zeus. Zeus and his father were fighting for the throne since his father had swallowed him and refused to give it up. Zeus was victorious in this battle and it took place on Mt. Olymis, claiming the Titans were as tall as trees.

  • prometheus, a titan, stole fire from the fire god and the gods didnt like it because he used it to make people, worrying that

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