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okay right, theres this yr 11 who HATES me, i went to school with her last year and she reckoned i was stalking her, now her friend like doesnt like me either, and they're coming up with a plan to do something to me,


like two weeks ago she added ME om facebook, i was like WTF cause she hates me, and she accepted me, and then i kinda knew why when i went onto her profil, she had 'doesnt enjoy yr 8 stalkers' as her status, so she obviously wanted me to see that,

anyway i kinda got sick of her andf her status's and status comments so i deleted her, two days ago this was,

BUT, she added me again TODAY?

i was like WTF,

um,, is she just trying to get my attention????


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    Are you in school yet? or your its your old 10 grade students going to the 11 this year?

    A stalker is a person who follows you repeatedly so when it it comes school just at like you would always do and if someone ask if your a stalker just say "_____ doesn't like me and that's why shes doing that"

    and don't and her

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    Why dont you just ignore her? She's obviously trying to be the centre of attention to her friends. Just don't accept her facebook friend request, even if she keeps adding you. Dont worry, I think she'll soon give up if you completely ignore her.


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    Ok, I know a way to totally make her sick.

    You accept her friendship request. And if she had "Hate Yr 8 Stalker" or whatever. You comment on it and say :

    "Wow! I think it's really pathetic that you update pointless status. :)"

    Or :

    "Oh, I'm sure they hate you just as much :)"

    Hope this helped.

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    She sounds like an attention seeker. My advice:

    Ignore it, or go up to her face to face and tell her flat out she's being childish and you are not a stalker.

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    She's trying to get your attention. Don't give in, or she'll feel satisfied. Just ignore her, and walk right past her wen you see her. -like if she's not even there-

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    Shes just trying to get a reaction from you. Don't accept the friend invites, then she can't send more.

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