When will my boyfriend propose? (UK)?

We have been together over 3 years and lived together 2 and a half. I am 22 and he is 26 this year. We talk about it all the time and we both know we can't live without eachother. He has actually told me he would propose to me today if he had a ring. I have told him I don't care if he uses a gum ball ring! lol. The problem is I am starting to get really impatient and feel that money is no excuse as he could get one on finance, a bank loan or borrow from family. We also have a savings account which has a lot of money and have suggested he use some of the money for it. We have both looked at rings and he asked which style I like best so he knows that. But because I have started to get impatient he says it's going to ruin the surprise.

How do I know he is going to do it and when? He says he wants to save up the money himself and start saving £20 to £50 a month but this is going to take ages! Is he just making up excuses to put it off??

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    No he's not trying to put it off. He's probably a bit scared thinking about how to make it absolutely perfect for you. He also probably doesn't want you to know when he is going to do it he wants it to be a surprise. Plus something as big as an engagement ring is a thing a guy has to buy himself, no savings or loans or family help, they need to do it alone, its a pride thing and a way of proving how much they care that they'll do it all by themselves. Don't try to tell a guy any different though that wont change his mind at all. It will probably be sooner than you think just be patient, I know you've already waited a long time but good things come to those who wait ^_^

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    Quite possibly. But if you both want to be together and are in a happy relationship, then surely engagement, marriage and rings are just symbolism anyway. Perhaps you're putting a little too much emphasis on something which can't offer you anything tangible that your relationship hasn't already got.

    Given the current economic climate, I'm sure you can find better things to do with the money. The point is, maybe the problem isn't that he's taking his time; maybe the problem is your level of expectation

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    After careful calculations using the stars and the earths position in the celestial plane of the universe and carrying the 1. He will ask you in 2 months 3 weeks and 4 days 3 hours and 11 seconds give or take a lifetime. Hope that helps.

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    I think it is better if you just wait and try not to be so impatient because he does want it to be a surprise and it would be great if it is. I think that he is giving you ideas which makes it seem like he will propose to you in a long time, and maybe using this to make you not very impatient and maybe propose to you as soon as he could and when he think it would be right. When he thinks that you are less impatient then maybe it would be the time when he thinks it would be better to do so. So just try your best to wait and you won't regret having it a surprise from him because then you would be quite maybe surprised which would make it exciting.

    But with some financial problems I think that it would be great if you just support him with cheering him up I guess, like telling him that it doesn't matter whenever he will propose to you as long as he is ready to do so and happy to, without worrying with so much problems.

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    ".....he could get one on finance, a bank loan or borrow from family.." Are you serious? You'd let him go into debt to buy you a ring?? Boy... someone is very selfish....and rather immature too.

    Why can't you just wait and let HIM be the one to buy it when HE wants to and not force the issue?? Takes all the fun out of it when you're behind him b*tching about how much you want a ring.....

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    It's is legal and not unusual for a woman to propose to a man in the UK, what's the problem?

    Put him on the spot, arrange a quiet little registry office affair a couple of months ahead.

  • Patience little one.

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