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Question for men about oral sex?

What are the suggestions for women when they do it in you? How can women do it better?

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    They should start slowly. Teasingly. Lick the head before softly inhaling it. Twirl their tongue around it. Then slowly inch their way down the shaft. Start bobbing slowly. Build up some speed. Take more in to her mouth. Deep throat it. Release it. Start over again. How can they do it better-Do it for a longer period of time. Act as if they enjoy doing it. And do it more often!

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    Stroke with hands/you can follow shaft all the way to his anus, lick underside of head a lot/very sensative, don't deep throat if you're all teeth, play with balls and pull away from body a little, anal stimulation close to ejaculation will rock his socks off. It's all about getting him close then preventing it and keep denying his orgasm until YOU want him to ***. You have great power with his junk in your hands/mouth, use it.

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    Act like you want to do it. Hum some and be enthusiastic. I'm bigger on giving than receiving, but if she's into it, I enjoy it more.

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    Just lick the head real fast and suck hard and deep

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    just treat it like ice cream

    suck hard hold it in your hand

    catch the balls dont take out from mouth suck till blood comes out

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    watch a porno and study their technique, after all they are professionals

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