Hand Sanitis/zer swallowed??? help!?

Okay... well here is the story.

Okay at school lunchtime today, we were mucking around.... and all the girls think im funny for having a bottle of dettol in my locker.

So anyways, she got a handful of it, and she didn't mean to but she chucked it aiming at my locker (...) but it landed straight in my mouth, about 3 pumps.

I didn't swallow it, i leant straight over, and spat it out, but i could feel I still had quite a bit in my mouth... so i got some water and spat about 10 times in the bin; don't worry, i was slightly laughing and she feels really bad....


i think this is just coincidence (cos i developed a dry cough this morning... -_-) but i now have a seriously bad headache (don't worry im not staying on the computer..) and i am kinda dizzy and shaking with cold... and feel really weak and terrible....

is that just from the cold?

or from dettol hand sanitiser poisoning??

cos i dont wanna die.




or wait... could it be comething else?????


will giv ten points

oh yeh.... and i like went to the toilet about ten minutes ago and after this i gotta pee real bad....


give your thoughts.





... ermmm... i live in australia, and it's kinda winter over here (no its not snowing and we're not dying.... winter over in australia is just a little rain and wind.... and mostly just mild weather (15-20 degrees celcius which is like 59-68 degrees Farenheit.



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  • Chrys
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    if you can put hand sanitizer on your hands, you can put it in your mouth...(it will be absorbed by your skin when you use it..) so it's just a coincidence if you feel bad.

  • 1 decade ago

    why are you at school in summer

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