was the cherry tree john hanson washington chop down?

john hanson was on the first 2 dollar bill, washington is on the one dollar bill.john hanson was said to be the first black president,we were lead to believe it was washington,john hanson put shoes on washington soldiers.washington must have killed him 300 hundred years ago now we has obama 300 hundred years later and the police or insubordinate this would have never happen with mr. bush sr.,jr. or regan in slaved its people now in slaving the same people financially with the same unConstitutional consitution

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    Have no idea what your question really is, but will take a stab with a comment about John Hanson was a Swede and the "President" of the Continental Congress. Don't know where you got the information about him being the black, let alone the first black president of the US.

    Per online bio of Hanson John Hanson was a Maryland scholar-farmer-politician who is sometimes mistakenly called "the first president of the United States." Hanson was involved in Maryland politics in the colonial period, serving almost continually in the Maryland assembly from 1757 to 1779. Elected to the Continental Congress in 1779, he is credited with helping bring Maryland around in ratifying the Articles of Confederation. From November 1781 to November 1782 he served as President of the United States in Congress Assembled, elected to lead the unicameral congress that was forming a national government. Because the Articles of Confederation and the Continental Congress represent the United States of America in its nascent form, Hanson has been dubbed the first U.S. president -- a clever but inaccurate bit of trivia designed to trip up people who think of George Washington.

    Have no idea what you are attempting to express with remainder of your comment. I only responded because I have researched Hanson, as part of my family. The bit about a Washington chopping down a cherry tree as a boy, is only a myth. It never happened, he was a planters son and would not have done that.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 35+ years
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