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How could be the effects in the solar system, while Sun is dieing?

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    if it's dying, everything would grow colder, because of the heat minimizing, and the night would be longer than the day, because of the light, and a lot of winter in too much countries that are not supposed to have winter.

    but i don't think that the sun will fade away, on the contrary, it's getting nearer and nearer. the summer is getting more and more hot every year....winter is weird on out side so don't ask about it. =P

    anw hope i answered your qst correctly =) =D

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    depending on if you are thinkng,,,, "the sun is dimming gradually" or the reality that when the sun runs out of fuel it will inflate and engulf a 3rd of our solar system and just turn the first four planets into ash.

    If it were to just dim and burn out ,mercury and the next two planets would freeze. The earth would be a "snowball" (it's a theory) like an ice age with frozen oceans.

    I'm sure the sun's (white dwarf..maybe?) core would have a stronger grip on most planets and the orbits would change considerably.

    It's a depressing thought.

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    I'm pretty confident in stating that there is no known threat from Alpha Centauri going supernova and destroying us. The possibility of supernovas destroying us has been continually discussed and studied. You can google that one for more info.

    Long before the sun bows out it's well understood that we're going down with it. In about 1 billion years it will get hotter first and fry the planet and what's left of us (if we're still here).

    Then it'll get bigger Red Giant style as it burns up it's own hydrogen supply. It will get so big it will start to swallow up all nearby planets.

    About 10 billion years from now it will be burned out and become a white darf.

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    Well, the first three planets will be engulfed, or at least the first two, by the Sun's outer atmosphere, and when the Sun is finally dead, the planets would possibly get farther and farther away from the now white dwarf star they once orbited. Alpha Centauri will not become a supernova, so we needn't worry about it.

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    wen the sun ex spans into a red giant Mercury and venus will be destroyed then will become a very small ball and it will become dark and cold

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    I'm not sure. But "dieing" should have been "dying"...I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. I used to have trouble with this one too, until I got set straight by my English teacher, who said it was "dying".

  • before that happens our solar system will be destroyed by the super nova of i think alpha centuri, the closest star to us besides the sun, so it wont be the sun that kills us directly

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    everything will be soooo dark and icy coool...

    dont u think...

    wow this is good...

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