Is this weird? be honest I can take it?

Alright rewind time about 5 years ago. I saw this girl. I never seen a girl EVER Like her. It's not like she was like impeccably flawless. She was beautiful to me you know? But to everybody else she was average.When I first met her she was 17 I was 18. But anyway. This might sound a little mushy....But it was like I felt a real connection and vibe with her. I never felt like that towards a female like that. I lost touch with her over the years. I think she had a boyfriend back then. Fast forward 4 years later I'm 23 years old. Met a lot females. Some gorgeous ones, some cool ones. All types but I never felt a connection like me and shorty from 4 years ago. I always feel like I'm settling if I give someone else a chance. Do you think that's weird ? And I can't find shorty...She long gone...

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    1 decade ago
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    That is love, sweetie!

    Do everything in your power to find her, and tell her how you feel!

    All the best x

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    its very usual. it is very usual. i get those feelings alot also.

    But what i tell myself is that, the only reason i feel that the girl is so flawless, is because i didn't know her well enough. Crushes will seem perfect but after u get to know the person better, DEFINITELY you will start finding faults with her.

    the problem with your situation is that you probably lost contact WHILE still having a crush on her, or while u still liked her abit, or smth. This means that the feeling of her being "perfect" will linger on forevevr cos theres no way to prove it wrong. But tell yourself that you WOULD have proven it wrong. Think of it from 3rd person perspective (u MUST not be biased), and surely you can think of lotsa faults about her already right?

    You have whole lot more girls out there why do u keep lingering on a ***** who chose some other guy instead of you?

    About the "connection" bit, if you two were really connected.. you wouldnt have lost contact in the first place right?

    help me with mine?;_ylt=AiNOi...

  • 1 decade ago

    awww that was sweet lol, now ur turning me gay, Well try to give other girls the chance or try harder to find that chick, Good Luck

  • 1 decade ago

    damn.. aye man, if you were ment to be, then it would still be today. aye pray about it man. if its on your heart. God can do some pretty crazy miricals man. dont doubt it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No its not weird. its love :)

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