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Reboot and select proper boot device?

Basically, I have been getting this message. It worked fine the night before, but when I went to turn it on next morning, this happened. I'm glad I have my iTouch, or I'd be stuck. Bear in mind that I'm just a kid, so don't go into pages and pages of technical rubbish, 'cos it won't make sense to me.


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    Any problem like this is going to require some amount of technical knowledge to rectify the situation.

    My advice is for you not to even try to rectify the problem, as you could make it worse, and have a local PC tech take a look at it for you. This is of course going to have a price tag.

    Talk to your parents about it, at the end of the day they will probably foot the bill.

    Source(s): Im a free lance PC tech.
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    By the sound of the message, you are getting an MBR error. There can be many reasons why this can be caused, and I will not elaborate.

    To fix this, you will need your OS CD, and OS Product Key.

    Put in your CD and boot into the CD. Go through the instructions, and choose the "repair" option.

    It should try and fix the problem.

    If this does not work, you will need to format your hard drive, and re-install Windows.

    WARNING: This will delete EVERYTHING of it. Including all saved games, documents, pictures, music. Everything.

    If you cannot do this, and no one else can, take it into a computer shop, and tell them you want them to try and fix OR flatten and rebuild. This is chargeable.

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    Umm select a Hard Drive? Some more info would be nice.

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