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Why do women feel the need to look beautiful?

Why do women feel the need to shave, put make up, fake tan and stuff when men don't? Basically why do women feel that they need to look perfect. is it the pressure of being a woman?

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    Because that's what makes most women feel confident.

    Not all women feel the need too.

    But it does look better.

    You think me do aswell.

    The want to have a bigger penis than the man next to them

    same as women. want to look prettier.

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    Sometimes doing those enhance the beauty of the girl and usually get more attention wile doing it. It's natural for a girl to have the need to look their best to achieve a mate (XD) When they look for more girly males tend to be more attracted to them. Make up usually only enhances what the girl already has so it's more noticeable.

    Men also do need to shave or there would be a lot of santa looking people with long beards, and men also do get tans fake and real. I would know because my brother does it. They have pressure too so it's just not the women.....

    Source(s): I'm 15 and watch WAY to many documentaries ^.^ that just happened to be one of them
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    Some of us simply can't help looking beautiful. *grins*

    I shave because I don't like the way my legs look when they're all hairy. Especially in summer - the blonde hair really shows up against a tan, and then it looks even worse. I wear makeup because it's fun and I enjoy it (and because my hubby likes the way I look in it). I don't fake tan; it looks horrible on me, so I use the actual sun and get a real tan. Why? Because it's nice to spend some time with healthy colour instead of looking transparent and Victorian. I don't do these things because of societal pressure. Really, if I go out of the house in track pants and flip flops, with my hair a mess and not a scrap of makeup on, nobody will care. Nobody will notice. There isn't pressure. Maybe it's because I'm not in high school anymore? I dunno. I do these things because I want to.

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    Feeling beautiful is awesome and it makes any woman feel like a woman.It's like one of the best feelings ever.I don't know about pressure...maybe in an indirect way.But I like feeling beautiful because...I don't know,it's great. I dunno about the tan,thing...or even make up.I don't really feel more beautiful when with make up....I perceive true beauty to be the natural beauty you have,and only if you just accentuate it.I like my skin to remain porcelain like it is naturally and the least make up possible,maybe a little to accentuate the eyes ,and that's all...that's when I feel beautiful and decent.I don't understand,still,why so many women fall addicted to make up and tanning...when those are the things that,in the long run,destroy their natural beauty.The longer you wanna stay beautiful,then,you must preserve it,not destroy it to make something else of yourself(make up,tanning and all).

    It's the utimate feeling every woman wants to have.Deep down,we all wanna feel beautiful.Wether it comes with pressure or not,it's what makes us feel like women.

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    It offers a greater number of mating opportunities and options as well as helps ensure keeping a desirable mate she may already have.

    There is indeed a basis in nature and science , it's not just commercialization.

    The market for clothing and beauty products meets a demand , not the other way around.

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    It`s in their nature to preen. And of course, competition with their peers.

    The need to attract men also enters into it a bit, but not totally. But that might have been the original atavistic reason.

    They are basically saying, we are beautiful creatures, so look at us! And there is nothing wrong with that. It makes the landscape a better place to look at!

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    No, seeing beautiful women is just beautiful. I don't feel suicidal at all. I'm sorry you do *cries along*

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    Because it is drilled by society standard and expectation that a woman's worth is determined by the judgment of other and that anything below a perfect appearance make her worthless.

    Now, please note that my personal opinion is that this system is deeply flawed. it creates insane pressure on women to conform and to strive to attain unhealthy ideals (hyper-thin models, perfect/photshoped skin, etc)

    Men are subject to a strong pressure as well, being led to beleive they need to prove themselves worthwhile, worthy of the mystical woman's attention...

    The whole thing is flawed, but continues one because it's a "traditional" thing.

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    Not the pressure of being a woman, but living up to the image of being beautiful, elegant, smelling good etc. It also makes u feel good about yourself while some view it as competition of getting attention amongst other girls


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    Ever heard of a metro sexual? Men's need for all that sort of thing is becoming scarily popular! Maybe women feel like this becuase men feel the need to judge??

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