What can causes the density of seawater to change?

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    Factors causing a change in the density of seawater include:


    Water evaporating from the surface will increase the salt concentration and hence the density of sea water.


    An inflow of fresh water (rivers, rain) will dilute the salt solution leading to a decrease in density.


    As the temperature of sea water increases it expands. As the volume increases, the density will decrease. Cooling will have the opposite effect. It should be noted that water has its highest density at 4 degrees C after which it starts to decrease.


    Although it is considered that liquids cannot be compressed, some compression is in fact observed in deep oceans. The deeper you go, the higher the density of the sea water.



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    Salinity, temperature and dilution (by rain) can cause differences in seawater density and buoyancy for ships. Cargo ships must have a plimsoll line at the waterline on the hull to indicate the safe maximum load for an entire voyage that may visit different seas (and seasons).

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    The main influence is the concentration of salt, for example in the dead sea there is a very high concentration which make it far easier to float than in other seas and oceans.

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    Temperature, the amount of salt, just to name a couple.

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