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What skateboard is better?

Just wondering , because im trying to decide what board im gonna get

The Alien workshop board :

The Enjoi Board :


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    the second link didnt work, if you want a good board dont go after looks although rasta panda sounds cool, the alien ones pretty borin, but dpends on the bearings and wheels and stuff

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    It is mostly a personal preference,but i like enjoi.they have awesome pop,and a good shape for learning flip tricks,and just skating.i have known people who love alien workshop boards,and people who hate them.if you weigh enought to break board regularly,do not get the ailen board,they are weak.also,just as a peice of advice, try not to pick a board by how it looks,as the graphic will soon be erased when doing certain grinds

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    The second is better than the first one. Alien Workshop isn't the best beginner board. Enjoi would be the best.

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    i have had two alien workshop boards they are really strong and they have great shape

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    Thats actually a tough one.

    I prefer the first one... lots of colours =D.. Will look epic if your gonna learn some flips.

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    alien workshop

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    Enjoi's are the best but buy it off of

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