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Are you surprised the man that saved the bank wasnt arrested?

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    why would he be arrested?

    there are laws protecting people from that. technically it would fall under a good sameritain law, seeing as he stepped in to stop a robbery and catch the criminal.

    ALSO, he would have been completely justified taking the guy out. He was a threat to not only his safety but those of the people around him.

    They are not going to arrest someone like that. i do think its sad that the man lost his job, even though i know he acted against the policies of the company

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    No, he didn't break any laws.

    I'm not surprised he got fired either. He broke bank policies and endangered the lives of the bank's customers. He even admitted that he did it because he likes the rush. The bank sets up those policies because it would rather $20,000 be stolen than face a few million dollar lawsuits.

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    if there would have been a racial incident it may have turned ugly

    it you catch my drift~~he might have done the right thing to the wrong guy

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