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Is it okay to miss a period for 1 month and 4 days?

I've been waiting for it . To tell me I'm not pregnant :| ..Is it okay, to miss it for 1 month and 4 days?

And also I'm 12. I'm to embarresed to ask my mom or aunt, because my dad is always asking on what we are talking about about, and it uncomtorable D: ?

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    I think you should talk to your mum for sure, go for a walk with her without dad and have a talk If you are very thin or stressed you can miss your periods for that long.

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    Well sometimes when you miss that many pills and have been on birth control for months it will cause your period to be thrown off course. Try taking a PT just in case to be sure.

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    you havnt really said if youv had sex or not, but im assuming you have since you said that you want to make sure your not pregnant. if your really worried get a pregnancy test but otherwise just wait untill you get your period. if you did have sex you should have taken the morning after pill or used a condom properly but im not here to judge because we've all made mistakes. you should talk to your mum about it or another trusted woman adult and tell your dad he wont be interested because its about girl issues

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    It is not OK if you had sex in between

    Otherwise no problem

    Tell us the truth, then we will suggest what to do

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    irregular period.

    dw; it will come sooner, stop worrying.

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