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Boys,What do you want in a girl?

Im having some trouble please help? :D

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    i want her to be cute rather then beautiful

    she shud be caring


    down to earth

    she shud complete me

    she shud like me as i m

    she has a gud dressing sense

    she has long hair

    beautifl eyes

    a strongs holuder so i can cry on it

    and cozy armms when i hug her

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    Go On Tell Your Problem I'll Help You Honey!

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    i look for personality,eyes that draw you in, and a kiss that makes you want to stay there for ever... But i think the body plays a big role in attractiviness, you have to look healthy and fit,

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    well i want a smart girl , that isn't ditsy. i want a girl with good fit legs a good since of humor. i want a girl that is not a cheater nor a liar, a girl that isnt affraid of change.

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    ehmm i like this questions because its a really awesome questions okay lets start med hair blonde/purple pretty face loads of make up pretty dresses i think im done

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    just someone who is confident when talking to boys. looks do matter but only to a certain extent

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    Smart, brunette, the eyes, im a guy, i hayt the blonde gals. no offence

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    we want a girl to be cute, nice, daring, and all that things that a teenager likes.

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    Intelligent, supportive, and has a good sense of humor.

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