*whats tha best workouts for Cheerleading?

Im tryna get back into tha groove for cheer...only im goin into College cheer from High School cheer. Any tips?? :)

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    Go to the gym as much as possible. The first day run on the treadmill. The next time you're there, lift weights. And then the next time do the elliptical. Keep altnernating in that order to get in shape but allow the parts of the body that you worked have a rest. Also, stretch whenever you can.

    Another tip would be to take gymnastics classes (if you're not already.) This will help you get stronger, get more flexible, and help you with your tumbling skills.

    And finally, practice your positions (high V, low V, etc.) in front of a mirror to get to know how they feel again. Make sure your arms are straight, tight, and your wrists aren't bent.

    Good luck and I hope I helped! :D

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    I would run a lot and then stretch, maybe ride a bike to gain leg muscle. Push ups, sit ups, make sure your abs are tight. You need to work on abs because even if your not going to be a flyer the ppl on the bottom have to have control and that is not only with their arms, its with their abs.

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    try to find a trampoline somewhere to work on high flexibility in jumps- the higher you go, the more you can work on form.

    Lift weights like it's the foot of a partner- get yourself used to the feet of lifting a significant chunk of weight that way.

    RUN! Cheerleaders are nothing if they don't have stamina!

    Source(s): 10 years NCA instructor, College coach, choreographer and judge
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    Build your leg muscles:


    calf raises

    push ups for upper body str

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  • 1 decade ago

    Do stretches and cardio workouts...these will whip u into shape in no time.

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