I'm wondering...Should I let go?

Okay here's the story i have this ex b/f who was my first love and i was crazii in love with him, 8 months we had this great relationship [over 2 years ago we broke up] frm then til now he had me thinkin we'd be getting back together, foolishly i waited around thinking that he'd come back. well here's what makes it so hard to let go, he's such a nice guy, he genuinely cares bout me...there was lots of misunderstanding in the past and we both did things and messed up badly, buh through it all he's been there, and has still cared, only thing is im still in love wit him and it hurts me everyday that we're not together, my question is should i end the friendship w/my ex or shuld i fight for things to get back on the rite track and become friends again. we have alot of history and we have both tried lettn da friendship go plenty of times before but we keep ending up coming back so what do yall think??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think you should move on,he cares for you but I think its over and you need to spread your wing.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you guys really care about each other then don't stop being friends. He sounds special. Don't try to forget him. If you two aren't getting back together then you should try to find someone else and get your mind away from him.

    Source(s): past experiences
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