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I need to redo a

Im at my grandmas for the summer and she wants me 2 redo a bench. I have no idea what im doin. she said its a park bench. its got wood things u sit on. like boards that go across and the ends she said are rought iron. its like heavy black metal. so i have 2 paint it green but the ends i have to keep black. it looks pretty old and its been outside so it looks pretty worn. does anyone kno what things i need and what steps 2 do it. she is in the country and im not from here but i dont wanna look like an idiot not knowin what im doing. thanks alot so much 4 ur help.

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    What you have to do is take the boards off, there held in place with screws and bolts.After you take all the boards off the cast Iron or metal frame is left, clean it up and paint it if it's weathered or if that's part of what she wants you to do to it.Then sand the boards to get all the paint off the re paint it let dry and replace them on the frame like how they were with the screws/bolts.When the boards are off there probably will be a metal rod at the bottom holding the frame together,make sure you don't bend or brake it ,It will unscrew it you want to take the whole thing apart (the whole rod turns to undo it).

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    Source(s): I have a seat just like that
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    i would dissassemble it, then clean & paint. the slats should be bolted to the iron

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