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Do they sal3 "Miley&Max" in Asda From England?

ok so you see my friend

Is from england right?

And she badly wants MileyandMax clothes.

Thats a brand of new clothes that came out that is ONLY sold in walmart


I heard that in england theres no such thing as walmart just asda

And asda is like walmart right?

so if you know if in asda they sell mileyandmax clothes

plz plz plz tell

me and were in england

my friend wants them badly

please call me an idiot for likeing miley or w.e

i just need to know.


thank you.



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    yes asda is a part of the walmart company. :)

    i live in england and you're right, we dont have walmart, we have asda, sainsburys, morrissons, co-op etc - although i doubt you've heard of them :D

    anyway i shop in asda pretty much every week (went yesterday) and i havent seen any miley & max clothes, sorry! :(

    try ordering online... good luckxx

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    Asda is part of walmart but has a different range of items for sale in this country than yours. The Asda range of clothing is George and totally different from what you have in the states.

    Source(s): shop there every week
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