What do y'all think of my blog?

think what is and would you want to live in a perfect world?

Well what does it mean to be perfect to you?doesn't mean you have to be,or that you want to be perfect?But the bible tells us that we will have 1000 years of perfect at the end of the world so it will happen if u follow Christ.

But lets not worry about that right now what are the little things in life that are important?Think what about mirrors just mirrors.Really wit out them we wouldn't know what we look like only(and charmers have mirror in them)what would that make you feel like good about you self or bad or would you not know?

Or think about make up for girls they(some won't)go crazy about looking perfect for there boy what would you think?So what about bags just plastic bags how would you be able to CARRY items from place to place?

Or guys wouldn't workout and overwork out.

Do you want to leave in a Perfect Society?"Think of this if we were perfect thing there would of been any kind of mistake to learn from if the guy that made the light bulb made it the fist time instead of the 100th time what would it be half way made we would of made it better" same for mirrors.So see the point I'm making?

But hey think about the positive ins ted of all the negative there

So maybe you might of thought of living in a perfect world or maybe you haven't but I bet that you will one day.

So don't only think of the bad that it cause there are some good to it.No greed,no drugs,no. envy and no voliences etc.but at what of price does it all come at wold people began to re val will one bad seed spoil the bunch?

So I go back to God is this why he made us in perfect he saw the temptation that the devil put into eves mind he knew this he knew that cane would kill his own blood but he gave us a chance.So after the seven years of hell he will give us 1000 years of perfect peace.To his followers.

I hope that you like this I think it is really cool.

And give me ideas for new blogs and I will be happy to make something.

thanks again and

God bless./

sorry for the typos I made this a while ago so I just want to know if its any good thanks

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    Was too long.. What happened to short and sweet?

  • Cool Blog. I love it. You look deeper into the situation, gave more insight and views.

    Do you have a link?

    God is great, God bless you x

    Source(s): Comment on mine if you can :) http://thoughtsofawildteen.blogspot.com/
  • 1 decade ago

    I like it.

    Check my blog out SVP


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