Youtube Momentarily Pauses Audio?

Okay, I uploaded an animation to Youtube, & during the song, it pauses, which puts the rest of the timing off on the video...I thought something was wrong with the song, even though my rendered version was perfectly fine...I got another version of the song & it still paused...Then I just did a completely different animation with a new song, & this song also has a pause that messes up the rest of the animation....I've done everything on my part, but Youtube keeps messing it up...I tried uploading a video to MySpace, the music worked fine there, but the quality was killed...Anyone know why Youtube messes up, or when they'll do their next update?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think youtube & myspace is use a different codec to their video & audio..

    it's perfect on Myspace videos because they not have to many video & audio on Myspace database..

    differ with Youtube,Youtube have a many video about million (or maybe billion!!??)so Youtube have to fit their video database..

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