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ho were the barbarians and the crusaders? plz help?

any info plz x


Sorry, I made a mistake, so incase you weren't clever enough to work out what it was meant to say here we go "WHO were the Barbarians and the Crusaders"?

Update 2:

I live in England where incase is standardised as ONE WORD

f**k you

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    I'll just add what's been missed so far.

    It is true that th Romans classified all people outside their empire as "barbarians". The Greek thought this of non-Greeks, for example. I recall one description which said Greeks thought their Macedonian neighbours were "barbarians" but equally thought that the Macedonian's neighbours, the Thracians were "scarcely capable of standing upright and not on all fours". So such biases go back a LONG way.

    I am guessing that the "Barbarians" you are really trying to refer to are those waves of barbarians who swept into Europe such as Attila and his Huns and later the Mongols. All these groups were forced to leave the area of Tashkent, probably forced out by crop failure and climate change (drought etc). They then swept west, taking families, children, flocks and herds with them.

    Attila was stopped at Chalons sur Marne by an army which combined late era Romans and Visigoth allies.

    And regardless of where you live, if you speak and write English, "in case" is very much two words. Please prove me wrong by finding a dictionary reference which proves your claim.

    I do not blame you, I blame all school systems for the past 30 years for problems with English.

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    Crusaders were the medieval soldiers from all over Europe who went to fight in the middle east to retake the holy land from the Muslims.(There were I think three crusades in total, all of which failed). Barbarians is very hard to describe as they have been around throughout the ages, and different people have given this name to many peoples. The first example that came to mind though were the 'Barbarians' who destroyed the roman empire. They were from places like Carthage I think. Vikings were also referred to as Barbarians by some people... you need to be more specific with that part though.

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    Barbarians were people who lived outside the Roman Empire.

    The Crusaders were Catholics who fought wars against the Muslims in The Holy Land.. Isreal.

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    They were the same people, couple hundred years later.

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    I'll give it a try as soon as your question makes sense.

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    "In case" is two words.

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